Omni-channel lead generation

Outbound sales is often tedious: finding the prospects, building prospect lists, messaging them, fixing errors within campaigns & tools, and being consistent with all of this.

It’s a hassle, and let’s be real – you’ve got more serious, strategic work to do. And here’s where we, B2B Growth come into play.

We’ll handle your lead generation in the form of omni-channel lead generation. This means going way beyond just a simple email – a fully automated lead generation system that uses both email and LinkedIn ™️ within the same flow. It also creates retargeting campaigns (OOO, not interested, etc.) and pushes warm/hot leads to your CRM automatically. You’ll just enjoy talking to those already interested, nothing else.

Here’s what we’re going to do for you with regard to omni-channel lead generation.


  • Help you map your ICP
  • Build prospect lists based on your exact ICP
  • Clean and segment the lists to ensure maximum relevancy to the prospects
  • Enrich the lists with necessary data using several sources

Campaign setup

  • Building a campaign flow based on your exact scenario
  • Buying and warming up the domains for the email side of things
  • Ensuring maximum email deliverability and setting up DKIM, SPF, DMARC, etc.
  • Writing campaign copy (LinkedIn ™️, emails, follow-ups, etc.)
  • Setting everything up in the tools we use to automate this process
  • Setting up zaps that push interested people automatically to your CRM
  • Launching the campaigns

Campaign management

  • Daily campaign check-ins to ensure effective operation
  • Analysing the data to make further improvements to the campaigns
    • Improving & changing the target audience
    • Improving the copywriting
    • Improving the flow
  • Biweekly check-up calls to discuss areas of improvement, new ideas, etc.

Past results we’ve got with lead generation

People contacted via LinkedIn ™️: 137
Connected: 26%
Reply rate (out of all contacted): 20%
Calls booked: 11
Each call worth: €10,000-15,000

People contacted via email: 149
Open rate: 62%
Reply rate: 30%
Calls booked: 14
Each call worth: €2000-10,000€/month

So what else are you waiting for – let us handle your lead generation and the tedious chores while you just have to talk to already warm/hot leads and focus on the things that take your company to the next level.

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